Decoration foils/ heat-transfer-foils

The foil makes the difference!
Decoration foils (heat-transfer-foils) as single picture designs enable to refine plastic parts with a multi-coloured design in only one process. This economic way of decoration is used in many fields. From foils in standard quality up to high-end foils with especially high abrasion resistance, we offer the right foils for every scope. Small series at favourable flat prices can be supplied as well as bigger series with a perfect cost-effectiveness.

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Due to their mainly cylindrical shape pens can perfectly be refined with decoration foils.
No matter if it is a fancy coloured decoration, a refinement with metallic colours and metalized effects, every pen can be upgraded by using decoration foils.

Cosmetic pens and packaging

Similar to the above-mentioned pens, cosmetic packaging is often cylindrical or flat and therefore perfectly suitable for a decoration with multi-coloured foils.
Combining 4C elements with effects like metallization, colour gradations or pearl-colours in one single foil picture, is an interesting possibility to have distinguished cosmetic packaging.

Oral care

Multi-coloured and high-class decorations are also in demand by the Oral Care industry, used on manual toothbrushes as well as on display windows of electric toothbrushes.
Our decoration foils fulfil highest quality standards and customer requirements.

Application example pens

Application examples cosmetic pens and packaging

Oral care


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