Pencil ferrules and erasers

The increase in value for your wooden pencils. Our partners produce all requested pencil ferrules in aluminium as well as the fitting erasers. Fancy sizes (JUMBO) and difficult shapes (e.g. tri-angular) with riffles or logo prints are possible as well. Every requested quantity – delivered on time for production – worldwide.


Ferrules for wooden pencils

Fixing the eraser on the wooden pencil but also being a decorative eye catcher due to endless colour variations as well as different embossing and riffles. That's what our partners' ferrules are! Besides "standard" and "jumbo" they are also available in different tri-angular shapes. The ferrules can well be customized by logo prints or coloured stripes.

Erasers for wooden pencils

From the year dot, erasers are a functional component for every wooden pencil. Due to the wide colour range erasers can also be a decorative eye catcher. Those erasers are made of PVC-free materials and can be supplied in different sizes.

Erasers in special shapes

Besides erasers for wooden pencils our partner is also producing erasers in special shapes. There is nearly no end in the possibilities of shaping. Popular versions are so-called topper erasers which can be put on the top of wooden pencils.

Application examples


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