Pencil mechanisms

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Mechanisms need to work like clockwork mechanisms, even if umpteen thousand leads pass through. In our case the product range reaches from high-valued push and twist action mechanisms (all parts made of metal) up to the favourable plastic mechanisms for mass-products.
Surely our partners also produce exactly according to customer specifications.


Pencil mechanisms standard

Make your choice between several standard mechanisms – press-in or screw-in into metal respectively plastic barrels. All common lead diameters are available: 0.3/ 0.5/ 0.7/ 0.9 and 2.0 mm. Manufacturing according to orders from 3000pcs MOQ.

Customized pencil mechanisms

Our partner is producing dimensionally correct mechanisms for a huge number of well-known pen producers worldwide. Customers appreciate the millionfold proved quality of high-precision mechanisms “made in Japan”.

Twist pencil mechanisms propelling-type

The so-called “propelling mechanism” is a pencil mechanism with a traditional twist function. This function is released by a fulcrum shaft that silently advances the lead. Usually these mechanisms include leads with a diameter of 1.15 mm.  0.9 and 2.0 mm are also possible. The metal tips of the mechanism can be produced as per customers’ requests.

Clutch pencil mechanisms

Clutch pencils still enjoy great popularity with hobby-illustrators, artists and architects. Our clutch pencil mechanisms offer a durable optimal function and lead retention force. Available in lead diameter 2.0 mm and 5.6 mm, in several lengths, optional with a sharper in the push-cap (only for 5.6 mm version). These items are available from stock, also in small lots from 50pcs MOQ.

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